Affirmative Action

In accordance with Federal Title IX and State Title VI regulations, and the Haddonfield School District policies and procedures and Affirmative Action Plans, the Board of Education is required to publicize the following information.


Affirmative Action Officer

Gino Priolo
95 Grove Street
856-429-7510 x 6201
[email protected]



Complaint/Grievance Procedure

Potential complainants are encouraged to discuss their complaint or grievance with the party(ies) directly involved or affected to resolve the complaint. If such an attempt fails to resolve the matter, the following process shall be followed:

  1. The complainant should seek the assistance of an administrator or Affirmative Action Officer (AAO). A meeting will be held as soon as possible.
  2. Following the meeting with the complainant, the administrator or AAO hearing the complaint will notify the complainant’s supervisor unless (s)he is the accused.
  3. The administrator or AAO will initiate a written record of the complaint. The completed record will be signed by the complainant and held in a separate, confidential file. A copy will be given to the complainant.
  4. The administrator or AAO will contact the accused party and apprise him/her of the complaint. A meeting will be held as soon as possible. The name of the complainant and a description of the complaint will be shared with the accused. The accused will have an opportunity to respond to the complaint. Following receipt of the accused’s written response, a decision will be made by the administrator or AAO as to the validity of the complaint and/or whether the investigation should proceed or be closed for lack of credible evidence. The administrator’s or AAO’s findings will be recorded. The complainant and the accused will receive a copy of the report.
  5. If an investigation is deemed necessary, it may include, but not be limited to, interviewing witnesses, verifying facts, and requiring sworn statements. A written summary of the investigation and findings of the administrator or AAO will be shared with the complainant, the accused, and the Superintendent.
  6. Having reviewed the report, the Superintendent shall determine if additional action, including discipline, is warranted.
  7. The disposition of completed reports will be determined by the findings. When a complaint is found to be without cause, all official reports will be destroyed by the Superintendent. However, when there is sufficient evidence to determine cause and when cause is determined to exist, the reports will be kept in a confidential file. Filed reports shall be kept for the duration of a person’s employment. No material shall be shared with the Board of Education unless the disciplinary action chosen by the Superintendent requires Board action.
  8. The procedures will be executed expeditiously, not to exceed thirty (30) workdays.

Haddonfield School District Title IX Complaint Form


Haddonfield School District is committed to maintaining a work environment that is free from bullying, cyber-bullying, discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment or hostile work environment based on race, national origin or color, age, disability, religious preference, sex (including non-conformity to gender stereotypes), sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression.  Intimidation or retaliatory acts are prohibited.  The process for formally filing a complaint, is detailed above.

For your information, the legal requirements for a hostile work environment include the following:

  1. The actions or behavior must discriminate against a protected classification such as age, religion, disability, or race. AND
  2. The behavior or communication must be pervasive, lasting over time, and not limited to an off-color remark or two that a coworker found annoying. AND
  3. The hostile behavior, actions, or communication must be severe. Not only is it pervasive over time, but the hostility must seriously disrupt the employee’s work. A second form of severity occurs if the hostile work environment interferes with an employee’s career progress. AND
  4. It is reasonable to assume that the employer knew about the actions or behavior and did not sufficiently intervene.

If the above criteria encompass what a staff member has encountered, please fill out the required form above and send to the district’s designated Affirmative Action Officer who is in charge of investigating such complaints.

Additional References

The following policies are found in the district’s policy manual available in each school building and all central offices.

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