Announcements and Presentations

Preliminary 2021-2021 Budget Presented at February 25th Board Meeting – posted 2/26/2021
Superintendent’s Report presented at February 25th Board Meeting – posted 2/26/2021
Design Learning and PBL presented at February 25th Board Meeting – posted 2/26/2021
Superintendent’s Report presented at February 18th Board Meeting – posted 2/19/2021
Superintendent’s Report: COVID update, NJSLA news and Phase 2 Plans – posted 1/29/2021
Kindergarten Information Night is February 4th at 7:00 p.m. – posted 1/25/2021
Bi-Annual Superintendent’s Report: Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying (HIB) presented at Board Meeting on December 10, 2020 – posted 12/11/2020
Superintendent’s Report presented at December 10, 2020 Board Meeting – posted 12/11/2020
“District Back to School Survey” presented at December 10 Board meeting – posted 12/11/2020 
Superintendent’s Report, including Phase II Return-to-School Options presented at October 29 Board meeting – posted 10/30/2020
“Return-to-School Surveys Update & Status of Phase II Planning” presented at October 22 Board meeting – posted 10/23/2020
“District Strategic Goals Update” presented on September 24, 2020 – posted 9/25/2020 
“Review of School Re-opening:” Presentation to the Board – posted 9/21/2020
“Welcome Back:” a Message from the Board of Education – posted 9/7/2020
Presentation of Community Feedback Summary – posted 7/17/2020
“2020-2021 Draft Academic Year Reopening Plan as of July 15, 2020″ presented July 16 BOE Meeting – posted 7/17/2020
Haddonfield School District Parent Reopening Survey Results: presented at July 16 BOE Meeting – posted 7/17/2020
“Contemporary Learning: 2019-2020 Recap and a Look Towards 2020-2021” presentated at July 16 BOE meeting – posted 7/17/2020
Haddonfield Names Dr. Carmen Henderson as new Director of Special Education – posted 6/15/2020
Letter from Board President re Cultural Competence – posted 6/15/2020
2019-20 Bi-annual Superintendent’s HIB Report, Period 2​ – posted 6/11/2020
A Letter from the Board and Administration on the Current Climate in America today
Dr. Gino Priolo approved as Assistant Superintendent at May 28, 2020 Board Meeting – posted 5/29/2020
Final QSAC Results: a presentation given at the May 21st BOE Work Session – posted 5/24/2020
“The Tenure Process in Haddonfield School District,”  a presentation given at the May 21st BOE Work Session – posted 5/24/2020
“Equitable Secondary Grading: a New Look at Policy 2624,” a presentation given at the May 21st BOE Work Session  – posted 5/22/2020
Resources from the Child & Adolescent Anxiety Clinic (Temple University) Parent Workshop Held May 6, 2020 – posted 5/7/2020 
FAQs Related to Continuation of School Closures, Expectations for “What’s Next?” – posted 5/6/2020
Charles Klaus named as Superintendent Beginning July 1, 2020 – posted 5/5/2020
President Adam Sangillo’s April 30th Presentation on Choosing AlphaBEST as Child Care Provider – posted 5/1/2020
2020-2021 User Friendly Budget – posted 5/1/2020
2020-2021 Public Hearing Budget Presentation by Board Secretary Michael Catalano – posted 5/1/2020
Project Team Research to Consider Changing the Secondary Grading System – posted 4/30/2020
Haddonfield School District Selects AlphaBEST Education Inc. to Deliver Before- and After-School Child Care – posted 4/23/2020
Board Presentation on the Process of Choosing a Child Care Provider for Haddonfield’s Before- and After-School Program – posted 4/23/2020
Parent Remote Learning Survey Results – a presentation for the April 30 Board meeting – posted 4/23/2020
Transition to Remote Learning in Response to COVID-19 Closure – a presentation to the Board of Education, March 26, 2020 – posted 3/27/2020
Haddonfield School District Update, March 23, 2020
Preliminary 2020-21 Budget Presentation, March 12, 2020
Announcement of Resignation of Dr. Lawrence Mussoline, Superintendent of Schools
January 30, 2020 Presentation on Capacity & Educational Adequacy of District Facilities
Board President Sangillo’s Justification for Policy 5432
Research Justification for the AP Course Weighting Change – Policy 5432
HMHS Weight Room Proposal
Elementary School Schedule Changes 20-21
Kindergarten Information Night is February 6
2019-20 Bi-Annual Superintendent’s HIB Report
District Safety Initiatives 2018-2020
November 13 Parent Letter about a Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) student survey as well as information about the district’s short- and long-term plans to help meet our SEL strategic goal
Oct 24, 2019 BOE Meeting Presentation 21st Century School Designs
An Important Message from the Superintendent About Weather-related Delays and Closures
2019-20 Update on Strategic Plan Social-Emotional Goal
2019-20 Update on Strategic Plan Cultural Competence/Equity Goal
2019-20 Update on Strategic Plan Contemporary Teaching and Learning Goal
NJSLA/PARCC Results: Spring 2019 Administrations
Digital Version – School-Community Calendar
Special Education Audit, Results and Plans 
     Dr. Priolo’s Special Education Audit Response Presentation of Key Topics to the BOE 8/22/19
     Dr. Priolo’s Summary of All Special Education Audit Recommendations 8/22/19
Video Honoring District’s Inclusive Practices Released
District Strategic Plan New Graphic
QSAC Results Shared with District
May 2, 2019 Public Hearing Budget Presentation 
Statement on Use of Surveillance Cameras
The Haddonfield Graduate: College Graduation Data 2011-2014
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