Administrative Staff

Educational Division  

Mr. Charles Klaus


Dr. Gino Priolo

Assistant Superintendent

Dr. Dana Blair

Director of Special Education

Mr. Lefteris Banos

Athletic Director / Transportation Director

Mr. Matt DiDonato

Content-Area Supervisor – Math/Science

Mr. Rob Fox

Content-Area Supervisor – Health & Phys. Ed/Fine & Performing Arts/World Language/HIB/Safety

Ms. Katy Roussos

Content-Area Supervisor – ELA/Social Studies

Ms. Polly Mitchell

Communications Specialist

Business & Support Division  

Mr. Michael Catalano                                              Business Administrator/ Board Secretary/District Custodian of Records

Mr. John Miller

Director of Technology

Mr. Timothy V. McFerren

Director of Facilities

Mrs. Amanda Cohen

Accounting Manager

Mrs. Channell Jorrin

Assistant to the Superintendent

Mrs. Barbara Nobel

Secretary to the Business Administrator

Mrs. Kathleen Petrucelli

Payroll Specialist

Ms. Monique Ashmen

HR Specialist

Mrs. Holly Russell

Accounts Payable

Haddonfield Memorial High School  

Mrs. Tammy McHale


Mr. Dan Licata

Assistant Principal

Mr. Hamisi Tarrant

Dean of Students

Haddonfield Middle School

Mr. Shane Rubin

Assistant Principal

Ms. Suzanne Schultes

Interim Principal

Central Elementary

Mrs. Shannon Simkus


Elizabeth Haddon Elementary

Mr. Gerry Bissinger


Tatem Elementary

Mrs. Donnetta Beatty


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