Karen Russo

Karen Russo

Karen Russo
Assistant Principal-Haddonfield Middle School
856-429-5851 ext. 2225


When I think about why education is so important to me, I remember the wonderful teachers who made a positive impact in my life.  Additionally, many members of my family are educators.

I started my educational career as a Spanish teacher and then a fifth-grade teacher at Olson Middle School in Tabernacle, N.J. Over the years, I have been an athletic director and coach, a teacher of third, fourth and fifth grades, the District Teacher Coordinator, and eventually the assistant principal at Henry C. Beck Middle School, Cherry Hill.

I joined the staff of Haddonfield Middle School in February, 2018, as the assistant principal. I can usually be found in the hallways, cafeteria and visiting classrooms where I interact with students and teachers.  I particularly love being in the classroom and seeing the engaging lesson that our teachers provide for our students. I lead the Interventional and Referral Services (I&RS) team, ScIP team and School Safety/Climate Team. Principal Matozzo and I are constantly reflecting on ways to lead our school and students in the best educational setting possible throughout the school year.

I have met wonderful students, families, educators, and administrators throughout my journey in education. I strive to make a positive impact on students every day, just as I experienced as a child.  I am dedicated to my job, students, families and staff members.

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