Kim Dewrell


Kim Dewrell
Principal – J. F. Tatem Elementary
856-429-0902 x 5102

Dear Friends of J.F. Tatem Elementary School,

As the newly appointed principal of Tatem, I welcome you to an exciting year of learning as Tatem Tigers.

After an arduous year of challenge and change during 2020-2021, we now are ready to move forward and continue the work of Haddonfield’s mission to nurture, inspire, and empower every learner who walks through our doors.

As Haddonfield’s mission states:

  • It is important to nurture unique abilities and foster a climate conducive to taking risks in the pursuit of excellence. As we provide a safe environment for our students, giving them room to face their challenges, they will grow to be more confident and resilient.

  • We inspire lifelong learners to excel in their endeavors. By modeling lifelong learning for our students, we show them that the pursuit of our interests and passions, whether academic or personal in nature, leads to fulfillment.

  • We empower each other to be inclusive, flexible, and critical thinkers in a global community. We live in a world that often makes us believe that if you are different, something is wrong. Our students are encouraged to embrace their own unique gifts and perspectives while respecting those of others, creating a space where all people are valued participants.

I am inspired by the dedication and commitment I have already seen from the parents, teachers, and staff here in Haddonfield. My goals for this school year will be to continue this tradition of excellence, to commit to new ways of meeting the needs of all students, and to communicate effectively with parents and community members.

I am excited to begin a “paw-some” school year together!

Kimberly Dewrell

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