Closure of One Section of Preschool at Central, Updated Statewide Numbers, Nursing News, Next Vaccination Clinic Wednesday October 13th – sent 9/24/2021
Revised Daily Health Questionnaire, Update on Virtual Education for Excluded Students, Vaccination Clinic Planned for September 22nd – sent 9/17/2021
Summary School Opening Protocols, Update of In-School Pooled Testing, Vaccination Clinic scheduled for September 1st – sent 8/26/2021
Masking Requirements, School Schedules, Lunch Protocols, Screening/Communication/School Exclusion, Exploring In-School Pooled Testing – sent 8/10/2021
COVID Vaccination Clinic Rescheduled for August 11 (new date) – sent 7/28/2021
COVID Vaccination Clinic Planned for August 9 – sent 7/22/2021
Latest Masking Guidance, Heat Wave suggestions – sent 6/7/2021
Latest Masking Guidance – sent 5/20/2021
Updated Quarantine Guidance, Vaccine Appointments Available for Youth – sent 5/3/2021
HSD & the 14-Day Quarantine for Close Contacts, Update on Desk Barriers – sent 4/21/2021
Spring Break Travel Requirements, Tentative Timeline for Phase III, Lunches in Phase III, Seasonal Allergies vs. COVID-19 Symptoms – sent 3/26/2021
Phase III Plans and Timeline – sent 3/10/2021
Reopening Phase II, Physical Distance in K-2 Classrooms, Non-Essential Travel Protocols – sent 2/22/2021
Updated COVID Protocols, Phase II Survey Results – sent 2/10/2021
School Exclusion Update and Vaccination Information – sent 1/14/2021
Newly Updated Quarantine Guidelines as of 12/22/20, & Travel Reminders – sent 1/4/2021
Updated Quarantine Guidelines, Cough/Flu/or COVID?, December Travel, and FAQs – sent 12/9/2020
November Travel Part II and Testing – sent 10/20/2020
Self-Quarantine, November Travel, and Returning College Students – sent 10/12/2020
Decision Tree & Health Updates/Reminders – sent 9/23/2020
Reporting & Follow-up Procedures – sent 9/23/2020
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